Family is at the heart of everything we do

What does it mean to be a family company? We are owned and operated by the Buddig family. We're proud to be entering our fourth generation of family ownership, which is nearly unheard of in today's corporate world.

Our idea of family also extends to the thousand-plus people we employ. We all share a commitment to upholding the quality of the Buddig products you know and love. Some of our employees' families have been with Buddig for multiple generations also. Their stories are woven into the fabric of who we are. Knowing that so many families have depended on us for generations gives us a unique long-term outlook and immense sense of responsibility for quality.

When we call ourselves a family company, we're also talking about your family. We have a proud tradition of innovating to better serve your family with fresh, great tasting, affordable meats. We're not content with meeting USDA standards. Instead, we're guided by a simple principle: "Would we serve this to our family?"

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